Friday, September 5, 2008

tech question: Will a shorter eye to eye shock mess up a dw-link design?

Originally Posted by cave dweller
DW, im gathering that putting a shorter eye to eye or shorter travel shock is going to mess things up with the dw link design?

It's not going to be ideal, that's for sure, but will it be a lot worse than doing that to any other bike? On the position sensitive anti-squat side of things, the bikes are pretty tolerant to I2I changes, as long as the total travel and total compression distance stays the same. For example, If you have a theoretical model with a 200X50 shock on it (150mm compressed I2I distance) and you change to a shock that is 180X30 (still 150 compresses I2I distance) then yeah, it could be done in theory.

Lets face it, as of now, the dw-link bikes are some of the very few (if any) designed for a specific wheel rate using a specific air spring curve. They are the only designed with a planned position sensitive anti-squat curve. Changing shock lengths and air cans throws that all out the window, but if it makes you happy as a rider, then so be it!

I say wait until the bikes come out, give them a test ride and see how it goes from there. Who knows, you may like the bike the way it is!

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