Monday, September 8, 2008

New bikes, so many good ones to choose from, so little space in the shop!

I'm not sure what bike I am most excited about.

The DHR for sure is up there on my list. I'm a downhiller by passion and this bike incorporates what I think are some of my best ideas ever. While most of the industry has been chasing and benchmarking the dw-link Sunday design, in reality I moved beyond that bike in my mind 3 years ago. I knew what I wanted to do for the next evolution of a dw-link DH rig, and the new DHR's suspension is that evolution. I hope that I've raised that bar ever higher, and based on what I have seen of other new bikes to the market, I feel like my contributions will help to do the Turner name proud.

The 5-Spot is a legendary bike in the Turner line. I've spent time on one already it's an amazing bike. The thing is, I already have TWO other amazing 140mm travel bikes, my Ibis mojo and Pivot Mach 5. I ride those 2 bikes interchangeably all the time. I also have my MKIII that I put a lot of miles on. Do I have the need for another 140mm bike? No, absolutely not. Do I want a 5-Spot anyways? You bet I do! Who wouldn't! I think that this one is a no-brainer, I'm going for it.

Ahhh, the Sultan. 29 inch wheels. I've got to say, I didn't really WANT to like 29 inch wheels. It's not that I have anything really against them, but man, I already have too many trail bikes!

Well, I went to do some shock testing with the guys at Pivot Cycles ( rode their new 429. It's a 100mm bike, a little shorter travel than I typically like to ride, but MAN WAS IT FUN!! I loved it. The trails that we were on were pretty wide open and fast, lots of ups and downs on harder pack. That bike ate it up, it was just FAST! I'm really looking forward to riding the Turner with its 120mm of travel. That should be interesting on the trails. I'm not sure about how its all going to work out in the twisty East Coast woods, but I'm ready to gove it a try.

Last but not least, the Pivot 167mm bike and Turner RFX. Two long travel trail bikes made to climb and eat up the big stuff too. I already know that the Pivot 167mm bike is awesome. I've spent some time in Arizona working on shock tuning ad spec and this bike is really capable. One thing that stands out on the Pivot as compared to other 160+mm travel air shock bikes that I have ridden is the noticeable lack of "hammock" in the middle of the travel. This is an area that I concentrated on with the design of the kinematics and I was really happy to have achieved our goal. I can't wait to get on that RFX and put it through the paces! I have high expectations.

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