Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Interbike Day 1

Well, the first day of Intertrode is in the bag, and what a day it was. Today I spent time at the Ibis, Pivot, and Turner booths talking to riders about bikes and life. I met some great people today. The response to the new bikes and projects in general that I've been working on finishing up over the last year has been incredible. I took a quick look through some of my favorite internet cycling sites to see what cool things that the men with the cameras and trained eyes found on the show floor, and I was excited to find that some the new. e.thirteen components and my picture made the front page for day 1, thanks for the nod on that guys! That makes all the hard work seem that much more worthwhile. (go to to see their interbike coverage)

Today was also a great day to catch up with some good friends that I don't see often enough. There are a lot of really genuinely good people involved in cycling, and days like today make me realize how lucky I am to have such great friends out there, even if we only get to spend a few weekends a year hanging out. Somehow we seem to make up for lost time just fine.

I'm looking forward to meeting more new people out there tomorrow! Until then, good night.

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