Monday, October 6, 2008 Turner Flux report from Interbike

It looks like I've missed a few reviews out there from the Interbike dirt demo. I came a cross a short but raving review of the Turner Flux, the 100mm travel dw-link Turner that I worked so hard on.

You can read the review at

I've cut and pasted Mike Jones' first impressions on the suspension, great stuff!

Originally written by: Mike Jones from

First impressions out on the trail are that the great qualities of the Flux are still here in spades. The handling is simply inspirational, and gets better the faster you go. And the suspension? DW-Link designer Dave Weagle has spent a lot of time working with Turner, and it shows - this back end is completely vice-free, delivering gobs of traction and laughing in the face of rocks, but staying steady under anything short of gibbon-like pedalling. The Flux feels ready to go at the merest hint of a pedal stroke, and there's no hint of pedal feedback.

The bike's also superbly balanced front to rear, which all adds up a reassuringly poised and confident stance. Chuck in the great handling and you've got the recipe for a fantastic ride. We like this one a lot...

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